Our Services


  • Primary Care

o General Examination – complete history and physical, cholesterol, thyroid, cell counts, prostate check, urinalysis, screening for diabetes mellitus and hyperlipidemia.

o Hypertension

o Diabetes Mellitus


oThyroid dysfunction

oVitamin Deficiencies – Vitamin D, B12, Folate, etc

Obstetrics and Gynecology

o Routine gynecologic exams and care
o Pap smears and sexually transmitted disease screening in-house
o Contraception management including OCPs and Depo-Provera
o Menstrual issues
o Pelvic pain

  • Pediatrics

o Following weight and height in respective to growth curve
o Well child check ups
o Age and Stages Questionnaire

  • Annual Medical Physical

o Covered by every insurance with no copay
o Maintaining vaccination history
o Up to date cancer screening

  • Wellness visits

o Medicare annual wellness visit
o Dementia screening
o Depression screening

  • Preventive cancer screening

o Pap smears
o Prostate screening

  • Annual school and sports physicals

o Children annual school and sports physicals

  • Allergy testing

o Skin sensitivity testing
o Allergy identifiers

  • STD testing

o Same day STD testing available in the office

  • Medical Weight Loss

o Individualized approach per patients BMI and medical conditions
o FDA approved medications monitored by MD
o Diet control – All natural approach

  • In-house Lab

o Quick results for CBC, CMP, Lipid panel, Thyroid, Vitamin levels, etc
o Any test can be sent out from our office including rare genetic screening to save you a trip to the hospital